Who are we?  TutorDocs is a web-based tutoring company providing safe, convenient, one-on-one tutoring to high-school students. All of our tutors are professional teachers with Ph.D.s in their fields who have years of experience helping students succeed and preparing them to tackle college-level work with confidence. *

How do we work?  We use various online tools, including meeting software and email, to connect with your student for hour-long sessions. Often, we use texting or digital photos as well. There’s no need for your busy student to waste time and gas driving or being driven across town to meet in a noisy, crowded library or coffee shop for tutoring. Tutordocs and students meet via computer at a mutually convenient time. It’s easy, safe, and there’s no commute! Our sessions are recordable, too, so students can even review what’s been said if they have questions later while they are working on their own.

What are our goals?   While our tutors will help your student with current work, our goal is not to do their homework for them; rather, we listen carefully, help diagnose problem areas, teach them the material, and give them the tools they need to do the work on their own. Finishing homework only matters if students can also succeed on their in-class work, papers, and tests. Therefore, we encourage students to sign up for multiple sessions–and offer discounts for doing so–since difficult material takes time and practice to master. But don’t worry: we understand panic mode and will do our best to help and prevent it from cropping up next time.

Who are our students?  Most of our students are hard-working high-school students who need extra help in any of our subjects. Some need extra help organizing and learning study skills, and we help with that too. Since kids are busy, we’ve found a way for them to get that help easily.

*All of our tutors have been background checked. Reports available by request.

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